Asagohan Festival 2015: Japan's Best Breakfasts

Seven regional tournament-winning breakfasts compete to decide an overall winner. Which of these delicious dishes, prepared and presented by hotel chefs, was named the Best Breakfast in Japan?

Asagohan Festival 2015: Japan's Best Breakfasts
  1. Hyogo > KobeHotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

    Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

    ・Le Pain Original Bakery
    ・Soup made with fresh vegetables from Hyogo prefecture and natural Tai (red sea bream) sourced from the Seto Inland Sea

    What stands out:
    Made with as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible to ensure the utmost quality and peace of mind. Portions are intentionally kept on the small side to allow diners to enjoy the wide range of delicious breads on offer. The menu is made with those who like to eat a lot for breakfast in mind!

    This luxury hotel boasts over 70 rooms — each with over 70m² of floorspace, large jacuzzis, and terraces opening out to sumptuous ocean views — and offers unique and original meals that are sure to make any trip to Kobe an unforgettable one.

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  2. Tottori > YonagoKaike Onsen Umiiro Yunoyado Syogetsu

    Kaike Onsen Umiiro Yunoyado Syogetsu

    ・Fresh locally-grown vegetable smoothies
    ・Sakaiminato-sourced swordfish squid "oroshi-don" rice bowl

    What stands out:
    These smoothies are a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth, made with both color and flavor in mind from a combination of carefully selected local seasonal vegetables and soy milk made from locally farmed soy beans.

    The don (rice bowl) is painstakingly made with fresh swordtip squid caught in Sakaiminato, steamed rice from Hino-gun, and a home-made spicy daikon radish sauce.

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  3. Tochigi > NasushiobaraShikiajitei Fujiya

    Shikiajitei Fujiya

    ・Finest sharkfin chawan-mushi (savory steamed egg custard)
    ・"Papa Fujiya's" handmade vegetable and fish-ball broth, made with homemade miso

    What stands out:
    This breakfast is made with a lavish selection of ingredients that can't be found anywhere else, including vegetables from the guest house's own vegetable garden, home-made miso, and home-made rice.

    This five-star guesthouse is immensely popular among gourmets, with a long list of frequently returning guests. Their breakfasts, made with home-made vegetables, rice, and miso, are particularly highly acclaimed.

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  4. Fukushima > KoriyamaAuberge Suzukane

    Auberge Suzukane

    ・Fresh & mellow natural black gnomehead fish grilled with Saikyo miso
    ・Japanese-style shumai (dumplings)

    What stands out:
    Auberge Suzukane want their guests to start the day off right with their therapeutic, luxurious breakfasts. Their wide variety of lovingly hand-prepared dishes is also made with nutritional balance in mind.

    This hotel is comprised of seven detached rooms at Bandaiatsumi Onsen. Guests are invited to enjoy a relaxed and therapeutic start to their day with these luxurious breakfasts.

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  5. Hokkaido > SapporoChateraise Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo

    Chateraise Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo

    ・White pudding made with Hokkaido vegetables and seafood
    ・Rice soup for a light start to the day

    What stands out:
    White pudding, made with Hokkaido-grown lily-root, Indian millet, shrimp, milk, and eggs, and crowned with flaked hair crab meat — best enjoyed with Indian millet sauce and edamame sauce. The light morning rice soup makes for a soothing breakfast that's easy on the stomach.

    A luxury Sapporo resort hotel replete with pool, natural onsen (hot springs) and gourmet cuisine. The hotel's breakfasts are created around the theme of "a breakfast buffet for a healthy start to the day," and are just the thing bring out a spring in your step during your trip.

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  6. Okinawa > YomitanHotel Nikko Alivila

    Hotel Nikko Alivila

    ・French toast lightly sweetened with Okinawan brown sugar
    ・Shades of Green: Goya (bitter melon) drink and Okinawa-style salad in a glass

    What stands out:
    At each of Alivila's three breakfast halls, the menus make best use of each restaurant's special features. The chefs aim to please, preparing each individual dish — with flavors that can't be found anywhere but right there are Alavila — right before your eyes.

    This welcoming Southern European-style hotel boasts outstanding views of the outstandingly transparent blue ocean and coral reefs surrounding the main island of Okinawa, and offers breakfasts full of flavors that can't be enjoyed anywhere but on the souther Okinawan islands.

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