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The Cutest Cats of Hotels and Ryokan in Japan

We are happy to present the top cutest cats of hotels and inns all over Japan that voters said they want to visit!

  1. Yufuin Onsen Auberge Les BeauxChobi

    123 votes

    Star cat with a cute mustache♪Let’s play and sleep together☆

    The cats here will make sure you get all the cuddling you want♪ This cat inn accepts 2 pairs in one day♪ Chobi, the youngest of the 5 cats, just loves to play with guests☆ You can see his adventures on facebook☆

    Visit 「Chobi」

  2. Ichii no YadoHiguma (Kuma)

    61 votes

    Energetic and fun! Lovable Higuma

    Higuma came to our inn as a kitten. We’ve had many cats live with us before, but Higuma’s energy is unbeatable! Higuma may not be the most beautiful cat, but he’s adorable and gives me the vitality that I need every day.

    Visit「Higuma (Kuma)」

  3. Asama Onsen Nishikinoyu JimotoyaChoro-Matsu

    57 votes

    Bringing comfort and fortune to everyone, Choro-Matsu is called the general cat manager at Jimotaya.

    Choro-Matsu wandered into the ryokan’s garden one day. Since then, the animal-loving general manager has given all her love to this cat, and Choro-Matsu (although sometimes capricious) has grown into a star cat. Choro-Matsu is called the general cat manager because he waits for the CEO at the entrance every morning

    Visit 「Choro-Matsu」

  4. Itou Onsen Apple Seed, An Inn to Stay with Your DogSera

    57 votes

    Sera is now hooked on grilled tofu! Her favorite food is egg omelet!

    Sera used to be a stray cat, but now she comes running when you call her name. She wags her tail when she’s happy! She never leaves leftovers! Sera is surrounded by dogs all the time, so she might not have realized she’s a cat.

    Visit 「Sera」

  5. Pension NanohanakanHanako

    54 votes

    Most popular at our inn♪ A friendly and funny girl!

    Hanako has become a family member of the inn quite naturally. As a hospitable staff member, she shows guests to their rooms. You would wonder how Hanako knows your room, but she does☆ It’s also cute how Hanako cuddles your leg!

    Visit 「Hanako」

  6. Business Hotel Nissin-kanChu-chu

    51 votes

    A good-luck cat, Chu-chu is working diligently every day!!

    Sitting still like a doll, Chu-chu awaits guests at the front desk♪ Chu-chu is great at house sitting! Purrrrrr… (I love it when guests pet me)!!

    Visit 「Chu-chu」 (in Japanese)

  7. Shima Onsen ShojukanMya-Mya

    40 votes

    Big sized cat that not even automatic doors can ignore! A kind cuddly boy.

    When Mya-Mya used to be a stray cat, we used to feed him. Eventually, Mya-Mya became a member of our family. He feels more comfortable tinkling outside, so every time he goes, Mya-Mya uses the automatic door to come back all by himself (an advantage of his big size). He has a mild character and loves to get his stomach rubbed.

    Visit 「Mya-Mya」

  8. Kakegawa Terminal HotelJiji

    35 votes

    I’m probably the friendliest cat in Japan.

    3 years ago, a lot happened and I became homeless. Wandering around, I was hungry and exhausted. That’s when the staff here warmheartedly took me into their arms. Now I’m a very happy cat loved by my fellow staff members and guests!

    Visit 「Jiji」

  9. Beppu Onsen Aratama RyokanMyu-myu

    27 votes

    ~Posh Cat Superstar~ Myu-myu’s fluffiness and adorable face is just too much!

    Guests love to snuggle with Myu-myu★ She can have mood swings and act shy at first, but when she comes to cuddle, it’s hard to resist♪ Your heart will melt when Myu-myu purrs during cuddle time or rolls on her back to show her tummy!

    Visit 「Myu-myu」 (in Japanese)


    22 votes

    The cute general manager on the rooftop! A fluffy-muffin star, Nino!

    Nino is so popular that some guests say, “we’ve come to visit Nino!”♪ Nino’s cuddliness is irresistible♪ Friendly and unpredictable! Why don’t you come visit our fluffy-muffin star, Nino, at Hotel Housen Soka?

    Visit 「Nino」

There are more! We are happy to introduce cute cats in inns and hotels all over Japan.

  • Yunishigawa Onsen Heike no ShoTorahige

    ★Torahige modeled for posters in our photo exhibition! The healer at Heike no Sho★

    Torahige wags his short tail when caressed. His hobby is to sit on the laps of guests♪ Torahige is so friendly that we are starting to think he’s really a person in a cat suit. Torahige is 6kg (13.23 lb) overweight, a little (*wink*) fatty but a happy cat.

    Visit 「Torahige」

  • Kusatsu Onsen Nakamuraya Ryokan Ryu/Torataro

    Best buddies, Ryu and Torataro await guests♪

    The two buddies welcome guests while sitting on the stove in the winter♪ They greet guests wearing costumes fit for seasonal holidays and events, such as New Year’s Day and festivals! They have various costumes, from kimono to Hawaiian shirts. Come and see for yourself!

    Visit 「Ryu/Torataro」

  • Izukogen Hotel Petit FromageHotaru and Candy

    Best friends or worst enemies. 2 star cats, Hotaru and Candy!

    Brimming with curiosity, Candy can do a super jump and ride on people’s shoulders♪ Hotaru doesn’t have a particular trick to show, but he can pretend he’s asleep and do some funny faces!

    Visit 「Hotaru and Candy」

  • Shippo no OyadoKiki/Chibi/Popo

    All three cats of our family have a story to tell.These three samurai cats await your arrival!

    These three cats came to live with us for different reasons. Kiki came to us from the hospital as a foster kitten. Chibi was adopted by a different family but came back to our inn. The youngest, Popo was rescued by a friend and became a part of our family.


  • Wa no Auberge Kawana SushichouNyanko-Sensei

    He is our sales division manager!

    When Nyanko-Sensei is in the mood, he’ll cuddle up to guests♪

    Visit 「Nyanko-Sensei」

  • Hamabeno Yuyado IsojimaMaru

    Snowy white Maru♪ Maru greets guests wearing seasonal clothing!

    Maru is the star cat in Isojima in Toba Ousatsu where many female divers live. Maru is not always at the Inn, but she contributes by introducing plans and highlights of Isojima on the inn’s website♪ Upon your request, she might just drop by just for you!

    Visit 「Maru」

  • Ajiro Onesen Kinryunoyado InakaChibitora

    The second toughest cat in Atami! Try to put a leash on Chibitora!

    Irresistible for cat lovers! Cuddle this cat all you want in the comfort of your room! Cat Cafés are out of fashion! Cat Inns are trending now!

    Visit 「Chibitora」

  • Auberge MillauKuro-chan and Shiro-chan

    Nonresident star cats!

    Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan do not live with us but they like to observe people or take cat naps on our deck every day. Sometimes they even drop by for dinner!

    Visit 「Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan」

*These results were created using the number of “likes” these cats received on facebook. The survey was conducted from February 13th 2015 to February 17th 2015. (Total number of likes: 643)